Human Factors Engineering

Human Factors

  • Human Factors Engineering or Usability Engineering (HFE/UE) report per FDA Guidelines
  • Compliance with AAMI HE75, IEC 62366-1, ISO 14971, IEC 60601-1-6/1-8,1-11
  • System UX and UI design
  • Definition, workflow, wireframes, visual design, move and flow, animations, behavior scripting, documentation
  • User Stories and Digital Wireframes
  • Custom Iconography and Information Graphics
  • User-Tested Clickable Prototypes
  • Web and Mobile Application Design
  • Hardware Interface Design and Specification

  • contextual inquiries
  • user needs assessment
  • Research plans and reports
  • User observation
  • Field studies

  • process mapping
  • UX mapping
  • translating research into actionable design drivers
  • authoring design input requirements, use cases, user stories

Concept Exploration
  • 2D, 3D mockups
  • human factors, anthropometry
  • standards compliance

Design Development
  • UX/UI behavior definition
  • move and flow interactive scripting
  • prototyping
  • usability testing
  • graphics iconography

Human Factors
  • ergonomic analysis and study models
  • contextual inquiry search
  • Ergonomic analysis
  • Interface design

  • design language system documentation
  • Tool-ready 3D CAD
  • Fully engineered solutions
  • Integrated design and engineering